The Vision.

To grow the body of Christ in the midst of persecution and even death. To take the message of Christ to men, women and children who are hungry for a relationship with God and introduce them to the Living Christ. To uphold scripture in every way in our teaching, nurturing, caring and providing the needs of new believers in Jesus Christ. Mosul-Iraq-Refugee-Children

The Mission

To provide and care for individuals, families, and communities who are persecuted and suffering greatly for their faith in the real God. Lord Have Mercy ministry provides daily food, shelter, clothing and medicine for our persecuted brothers and sisters. Along with the essentials they receive instruction in the Word and fellowship to help guide them in their new found faith. Your gift will help save the lives of these precious frightened souls. Each month we see over 200 new refugee families fleeing for their lives because of the persecution they face. What was once a place of safety becomes a memory of the past. Will they ever be able to return to their homes? We do not know. But we shall stand with them regardless and continue to help provide their essential needs as they find refuge in a new place and try to call it home. Your gift of 155.00 provides food, shelter, clothing and medicine for a family of four for 1 month. How many months will you care for a family in need?.

Feeding the World

Starving for relationship. Starving for hope. Starving for food. Lord Have Mercy is feeding the hungry and meeting the needs of God’s people in a world that is hungry for Him. The Lord is calling out men, women and children who will walk by Faith and not by sight. He is strengthening the weak and faint in heart with the message of His Gospel; Freedom in Christ. We serve the Living, loving Saviour and anticipate His return in a timely manner. Till then we live for Him and His glory
Feeding the World